An enterprise take on Apple’s Spring Loaded event

Apple’s Spring Loaded event may seem to have been consumer-focused, but it offered food for thought for any enterprise. Consider:

What’s a computer?

The iPad Pro is gaining the same M1 chip that powers the latest Macs and has made the PC industry green with envy. The 12.9-inch model is also getting an XDR display backed by more than 10,000 mini-LEDs. Given that you can connect an iPad Pro to an external display and work with a wireless keyboard and mouse, it’s hard to ignore its potential as a PC replacement.

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Developers are going to push these devices to the edge.

There are some known unknowns at play: We don’t know how Apple will evolve the platform with iOS 15, which means we don’t yet know to what extent Apple will make it possible to run an iPad Pro like a Mac. Or, for that matter, if it will become possible to run macOS — or Windows (in emulation) — on these chips. I can, after all, run Windows for ARM (and macOS) on my M1 Mac.

Nevertheless, the road for iPad Pros to replace an even bigger chunk of the PC market seems clear. Given that these things are powerful enough to edit and review HDR video in the field, the direction of travel is hard to miss.

And did I mention that you get 5G in the cellular models? “Apple’s biggest announcement was the new iPad Pro with a new M1 chip and 5G capabilities, which should help carriers in their quest to sell new 5G subscriptions,” said Lynnette Luna, principal analyst at Global Data.

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