Livestream Day 3: Stage 2 (Google I/O ’18)

This livestream covers all of the Google I/O 2018 day 3 sessions that take place on Stage 2. Stay tuned for technical sessions and deep dives into Google’s latest developer products and platforms.

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25:57 – Deliver search-friendly JavaScript-powered websites
1:23:19 – The future of computing: a conversation with John Hennessy
2:21:47 – Android Jetpack: sweetening Kotlin development with Android KTX
3:20:46 – TensorFlow and deep reinforcement learning, without a PhD
4:20:53 – Improve app performance with Android Studio Profilers
6:21:02 – Migrate your existing app to target Android Oreo and above
7:20:56 – Build engaging conversations for the Google Assistant with DialogFlow

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